Juniors – 8 to 11

What is it? 

Our Junior section is a step up from Anchors and is aimed at young people aged 8-11. It provides a fun and safe environment for our members to grow and develop with a smile on their face and friends around them. 


What Happens? 

A normal night at Juniors includes lots of games, activities & crafts which challenge and develop each Junior member. Our programme includes lots of opportunities to have fun, make new friends, build confidence and learn lots of new skills. 

Juniors is designed to allow our young people to grow and achieve in their time with us. Children are encouraged to get fully involved, in order to gain badges and recognition for their participation in the programme. 

Throughout their time with us, young people also have opportunities to go on trips and visits including roller skating, football tournaments, bowling, theme parks and so much more!

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices and payment methods can vary from one group to another. However most groups cost roughly £1-2 a week. Leaders at the local groups will be more than happy to discuss this with you if there are any problems. 

How Can I Join?

If you are interested in coming along and giving Boys’ Brigade a try then please find the details of your local group here. Alternatively contact our Development Worker, Joe Harrison – joe.harrison@boys-brigade.org.uk / 07764429957

 Under 11’s Recruitment Video >>