Seniors – 15 to 18

What is it? 

Our Senior section works with young people aged 15-18. Recognising our Seniors are young adults, they are encouraged to take the lead and develop the programme for themselves – meaning Seniors is exactly what you make it!   

What Happens? 

The Senior’s ‘Challenge Plus’ programme challenges young people by getting them to complete a number of projects and challenges throughout the year. 

With the Seniors taking the lead, young people are encouraged to pick and choice what activities and projects they wish to do. Activities and projects include ‘Homelessness’, ‘Conservation’, ‘Driving’, ‘Preparing for Work’ amongst many more. 

Throughout their time with us, young people also have opportunities to go on trips and activities including football tournaments, adventure weekends and even summer camps. In addition there may be international opportunities open to the Seniors Section, ranging from attending BB events abroad to volunteering on community projects in developing countries. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices and payment methods can vary from one group to another. However most groups cost roughly £1.50 -£2.50 a week. Leaders at the local groups will be more than happy to discuss this with you if there are any problems. 

How Can I Join?

If you are interested in coming along and giving Boys’ Brigade a try then please find the details of your local group here. Alternatively contact our Development Worker, Joe Harrison – / 07764429957

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